Third phase - Content Infrastructure

Why Contentful?

Modern agile teams perform best with Contentful as the content layer of the modern digital stack. With a CMS that doesn’t get in the way, agile teams can focus on what they do best: shipping engaging digital products, faster than ever.

A new way to reach your customers

The modern website doesn’t just inform. It engages, updates, converses and surprises. Treat your website like a product and you’ll reach your customers in a whole new way. With a product-centric approach, your online presence becomes a digital experience with content at the heart. And it’s all made possible with content infrastructure.

How does it work?

As an example, web visitors that visit the same URL might see different content in a dynamic site if they are one different devices, different countries, different times of day or even different networks. A web page generated from a dynamic website might have server side code that assembles content from different areas of a database, outside sources, page templates and other elements that are all in different areas of the server. In some dynamic sites, you might even see different elements or contents just by reloading the same web page twice.

Gatsby, Contentful and Netlify

  • Built from the ground up for modern content distribution Robust, reliable access; no matter the place, platform, or device;
  • Works great with your development stack and platforms like Netlify
  • Build your site around your content needs, not the other way round
  • Scales dynamically with your organization’s growth
  • Reduce headaches by leaving under-the-hood maintenance to the experts.

Modern websites = digital products


Traditionally, engineering organizations built or rebuilt their websites as one massive project with a set budget, timeline and launch. Post-launch, they might update website content incrementally, but usually little investment is made in the site as a whole until the next major “site refresh.” For the company, this means another costly and resource-intensive project that usually happens every several years. In the meantime, the website’s users, as well as the market and business, all move forward, leaving the website to stagnate.